Feathers, hair, scales



Fanny Charasse

Terre Vivante

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19 x 24 cm
176 pages CMYK

In the heart of the Amazonian forest, Paco, the hungry anteater, Molly, the young orphaned armadillo, and Rico, the beautiful but wounded toucan are on the road together. Fleeing deforestation, all three dream of a better life. Each danger they face, each new encounter is both a stage in their journey

and an opportunity for them to learn a lesson in life. They thus travel without a precise destiny until a bird announces the existence of rancid earth. A fertile land where Molly hopes to reunite with her family, Paco can eat his fill and Rico regains the use of his wing. The three friends are determined to find this earthly paradise at all costs, but they are not at the end of their surprises…

An engaging tale dealing with current geo-environmental issues (climate change, migration…) through the eyes of Amazonian animals.

Fanny Charasse

Fanny Charasse is a doctoral student in sociology and a writer. Her social science research focuses on the role of the modern state in the regulation of "traditional" practices, and her fictions often address the theme of climate emergency.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger