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A First Preschool Puzzle Book of Object Recognition (Preschool kids learn and have fun too)

A Children’s Hidden Pictures Book for Creative Kids This fun kids’ activity book is essential for all curious children! With a treasure trove of hidden objects, kids will be entertained while learning new skills. Easy Hidden Pictures for Kids ages 3-5 will keep your little one entertained and searching for more! A world of hidden objects. Kids are naturally curious, so why not feed your child’s curiosity with a treasure hunt in the palm of their hands? This kids’ activity book is a tool that is both fun and educational. Kickstart their love of learning and sharpen their visual skills with an easy-to-use hidden picture book. Hidden pictures for every occasion. From meeting various animals that live in the rainforest to getting to know their fruits and vegetables, Easy Hidden Pictures for Kids Ages 3-5 is a treasure trove of activities that introduces your child to different shapes and objects with every exciting page turn. Easy Hidden Pictures for Kids Ages 3-5 offers valuable lessons within every hidden object activity such as: Learning about the world around them through different plants, animals, food, and even people! Encouraging the development of short-term memory skills Building up shape recognition and concentration abilities Harnessing their attention to detail If your child enjoyed books like Pet Puzzles, Disney – Where’s Mickey Mouse, or the Jumbo Book of Hidden Pictures, then they will love Easy Hidden Pictures for Kids Ages 3-5.

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Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger