Earth alchemy oracle card deck


Tarots & Oracles

Katie-Jane Wright

Nikki Strange

Watkins Nourish

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114 x76mm
Full colour

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Connect to the wisdom and beauty of the plant and crystal kingdoms

A beautifully illustrated card deck helping to bring a deep connection to the magic beneath your feet, to the crystals, plants, trees and flowers and the sacred language of light. All of the elements of alchemy needed to awaken the heart further to the truth around us. This powerful and beautiful deck is a portal to inner healing, love and connection. Each card is infused with many layers, each has its own perfect valid place within the deck. The cards are full of activations, holding the keys to help you dive deeper to past lives, previous alchemic work, connection to the elementals and inner earth.

Katie-Jane Wright

Katie-Jane Wright receives visions and advice from the crystalline world, and passes those messages on through her Crystal Expert column in Spirit and Destiny. She has been an oracle since she was a child, feeling spirit energy through many realms.

Nikki Strange

Nikki Strange is an illustrator based in London. Her work is inspired by the cycles in nature, meditation, wellness, creating products that aid self-care rituals
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger