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François Sarano Coline Serreau Charles Hervé-Gruyer Perrine Hervé-Gruyer Yann Arthus-Bertrand Camille Étienne Jean-Louis Étienne Jean-François Clervoy Étienne Klein Baptiste Morizot

19.6 × 25.5 cm
120 pages
60 illustrations softback


Ecology explained by children for grown-ups

What is ecology? That is the question posed by this exhibi- tion celebrating the 75th anni- versary of the French publication of Le Petit Prince. The exhibition focuses on the figure of the Little Prince in all his majestic innocence and wisdom, an iconic character through whose eyes we are treated to a touching portrayal of the child’s perspective on the world. The work is accompanied by Deyrolle’s famous educational plates presenting detailed sci- entific explanations.

The book presents the exhibition’s ten diffe- rent themes, accompanied by texts by ten different authors, key witnesses of the key environmental issues at stake who have each been assigned a specific theme due to their experience, activities or thought. The themes are: the adventure of nature, the unexpected evolutions of the natural world, our shared habitat, cultivation, fauna, water, social rela- tions, space, the imagination and time, each of which will inspire reader’s curiosity and fascination in equal measure.

The image of the Little Prince will guide the reader, child or adult, from one theme to the next, via testimonies and illustra- tions offering everybody valuable food for thought.

The exhibition and book open up an intergenerational dialogue in which the people asking the question are not those you’d imagine. More often it is adults who have to make the greater effort to open up to ecological awareness, something that for children is already very obvious.

Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger