Discipline without stress, punishments or rewards




Dr. Marvin Marshall


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322 pages

How Teachers and Parents Promote Responsibility & Learning

Internal motivation is far more powerful and effective in changing behavior than are punishments or rewards. This approach is used across the entire teaching spectrum in small childcare centers to large high schools and in rural, suburban, and urban schools around the world. It can be used in any home or youth setting.

Dr. Marshall has presented this technique in 16 countries.

Dr. Marvin Marshall

Dr. Marvin (Marv) Marshall, certified as a “Distinguished Educator,” is one of America’s leading experts in reducing stress that is so prevalent in work relationships, schools, and homes. He is an author, educator, and international professional speaker (25 countries on 5 continents). He demonstrates how to use authority without coercion so relationships are never adversely affected. His Without Stress® approach in living, parenting, and disciplining is totally noncoercive—but never permissive. He is the author of a number of landmark and award-winning books. His approach is transformational—as he shares many commonly used counterproductive and ineffective practices—and then replaces them with more effective ones.
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