Creative collage



Loulia Chapochnikova

Éditions Eyrolles

Language of origin

Infos :

128 pages
5.5 x 21 cm

After Creative Doodling, discover new ideas from Julie Adore to start collage and make a creative notebook. Collage is Julie Adore’s favorite technique. It allows everyone to play with colours and shapes and explore the multiple creative possibilities of paper in associating papers of different textures and create special effects: crumpled paper, colored paper or by mixing collage and doodling. A notebook of inspiration and exercises that goes even further in the poetic world of Julie Adore.

Loulia Chapochnikova

She (@julieadore on Instagram) is a self-taught artist. Her world is colourful, poetic, tender and funny. She was a community manager at Flow France.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger