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David Le Batard


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Trade Paperback
156 Pages


Draw, Color and Explore on a Journey into Art, History and the Spirit

An Adult Coloring Book for Amateur Artists and Art History Enthusiasts World renowned artist David “Lebo” Le Batard combines the authentic energy of Miami street art with the visual storytelling of art history in this unique coloring book for adults. The ultimate guide to coloring for adults. Lebo’s style is inspired by masterpieces in the history of art, the graffiti and architecture of Miami, and reflective self-discovery. Characterized by a combination of cartoon imagery, richly saturated balances of color, and unique linear composition, this contemporary Latino artist crafts a unique coloring book beaming with animal symbolism, and mandala spirituality. By coloring and drawing some of his famous pieces, you’ll transport through time, travel around the world, and create masterpieces of your own. Artsy fartsy adult coloring. Master colors, techniques, and your own artistic spirit as you see the world like never before. In Coloring with Lebo, mythology, history, metaphysics, and illustration all join seamlessly. Unlike typical animal and mandala coloring books for adults, this unconventional art history book combines fine art, indigenous art, mythical creatures and: American cartooning Egyptian hieroglyphics Caribbean imagery If you’re looking for a graffiti coloring book, mandala and animal coloring books, or art history books for adults—and enjoyed books like Graffiti Art Coloring Book, Color the Classics, and Adult Coloring.

David Le Batard

David Le Batard, also known as Lebo, is recognized for working in a wide spectrum of creative mediums including murals, paintings, and sculptures. Lebo is the innovator of Postmodern Cartoon Expressionism- a combination of cartoon imagery, richly saturated balances of color, and unique linear composition brought together in a narrative style to inspire emotion and create layers of meaning. Lebo's visual storytelling method pulls from classic American cartooning and fine art, indigenous art, and Egyptian hieroglyphics to create a unique visual language - one that strives to have a wide point of entry for the viewer with endless layers of meaning within. Born to Cuban immigrant parents and raised in South Florida, Lebo has become one of the most well-respected muralists in Miami. With a showroom in Wynwood and a studio in Miami Beach, Lebo's art can be found all over the world, in private collections, and in corporate partnerships including Norwegian Cruise Lines, Lulu Lemon, Harley Davidson, Audi, Google, Microsoft, Redbull, Ketel One, Bacardi, and Ferrari.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger