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Bob Flaws

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Chinese remedial infant massage or xiao er tui na is a safe, non-invasive, low cost, and extremely effective therapy for the treatment of a wide variety of common childhood ailments. Unlike Western infant massage, Chinese infant massage uses very specific protocols or treatments for specific ailments. Most common childhood complaints respond in only one or two treatments. Dr. Fan teaches both parents and practitioners alike how to diagnose and treat the most common pediatric complaints with Chinese infant massage.

Bob Flaws

Bob Flaws is the most prolific writer on Chinese medicine in the English language. He is author, translator, or editor of over 80 books on Chinese medicine and scores of articles published in both professional journals and the popular press. Among his other credits, Bob is a past president and lifetime fellow of the Acupuncture Association of Colorado, a fellow and director of the National Academy of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine as well as a past editor of that association's quarterly journal, a founder of the Council of Oriental Medical Publishers, and the founder of Blue Poppy Enterprises. Bob is also the co-author and co-director of an NIH-funded research project working with AIDS-related peripheral neuropathy.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger