Chinese nutrition manual




Richard Zagorski

Terre Vivante

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15 x 21 cm
256 pages

The book explains, in an easy-to-read way, the main principles of Chinese nutrition. 100 recipes adapted to treat everyday ailments: digestive disorders, colds, rheumatism, inflammatory disorders, ear-nose-throat disorders, fatigue, slimming, aging well… The book, written by a duo of authors combines theory (one of the authors is a specialist in Chinese medicine and nutrition) and practice (the other author is an excellent cook, and a specialist in Chinese dietetics). The authors have succeeded in adapting these principles to Western cuisine so as to offer us recipes that are both tasty and curative.

Richard Zagorski

Richard Zagorski, a specialist in the fields of Chinese dietetics and phytotherapy, has been leading training courses and conferences on these themes throughout France, Belgium and Switzerland for more than fifteen years. Anne Tran, an outstanding cook, has both French and Chinese culture. She co-animates Chinese dietetic courses where she proposes recipes with curative aims, appreciated by all.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger