Cabbage, number 1 in the kitchen !



Delphine Pocard

Terre Vivante

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21 x 21 cm
144 pages

60 vegetarian recipes

This book aims to teach the reader how to cook all the cabbage varieties available. It also provides information on the health properties of this too-often neglected vegetable and why it should be included into our daily diet. Advice is given on how to choose and prepare them so that they are perfectly digestible and to preserve all their health benefits. The book proposes more than 60 original and delicious vegetarian dishes, some of them vegan and gluten-free, some classic and others more adventurous.

Delphine Pocard

Delphine Pocard is an author and food photographer and has always been interested in everything to with health, ecology and nutrition. She is creative and has a love of good food whilst being passionate about organic cookery. She shares her recipes on her blog
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger