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Alain et Marie-Jeanne Génevé

Actes Sud

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17.5 × 22.5 cm
92 pages
Color illustrations

This book offer a whole hist of activities to help children discover wild plants. It is a veritable toolbox for children full of fun ideas: how to make a blowpipe, a whistle, a garland of flowers or a herbarium. Kids will get to discover toy plants, tasty plants, plants of plenty, medicinal plants, and plants that catapult. As children play they discover how plant life works, how plants repro- duce, and their different species, environments, climates, and soils. With their vast experience of nature workshops, Alain and Marie-Jeanne Génevé have “tutored” a number of budding botanists and it is their belief that educating the future generations about nature, biodiversity, sustainable development and respect for the environment is essential.

This attractive, fun book offers thirty workshops for children; each presents a readily accessible class activity.

Alain et Marie-Jeanne Génevé

A graduate of Nancy University, Alain Génevé became a dispensary chemist. In their passion for botany, he and his wife, Marie-Jeanne, have traveled the length and breadth of France in search of fruit plants. They also host botanical discovery tours for children. They have already published Baies et fruits sauvages de France métropolitaine (2013) translated into English by Timber Press under the title Wild Fruit, as well as 40 promenades botaniques (2017).
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger