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If you feel apathetic, listless, or burned out—as if you’ve lost touch with the sense of wonderment you had as a child— Becoming Awestruck can get you back onto the path toward a life of joy and inspiration.

When was the last time you were stopped dead in your tracks, dumbstruck by your experience? For Jason Silva, to be human is to have a taste for peak experiences, flow states, and mind-altering awe. Jason invites you to join him in becoming a “wonder junkie”—someone who not only appreciates the glory available in the everyday but who also seeks out awe as a personal path.

In Becoming Awestruck, Jason guides you through 11 chapters of video teachings, prompts for journaling and introspection, and his signature “Shots of Awe”—free- form video presentations from Jason introducing you to mind-opening new concepts and directing you toward your own definitions of the sublime. This is a course that demonstrates how to live life fully in touch with your senses and completely open to each new experience.

Jason Silva

Jason Silva is an EmmyR-nominated and world-renowned TV personality, storyteller, filmmaker, futurist, and sought-after keynote speaker. Jason is known for hosting five seasons of the Emmy- nominated global hit TV series Brain Games on the National Geographic channel, broadcast in more than 170 countries.
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Agence Schweiger