Animal communication



New Age / Esoterics

Sylvie Alliaume

Guy Trédaniel

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232 pages
163 x 230 mm

Learn how to connect with your pet

This book, written as a practical guide, will introduce you to a simple, accessible technique to convey messages to your pet through telepathy. It includes a number of exercises to get you prepared to this new connection, and concrete examples of animal communication to help you get a better understanding of the emotional and energetic bonds between you. Through practice, animal communication changes us from within, thanks to the love we give and receive back.

Key selling points:

  • A highly practical, illustrated guide to a new, creative approach – telepathy.
  • Numerous guidelines, testimonies, exercises and concrete examples to easily practise animal communication.
  • Pets contribute to our health and happiness. This is why so many people bought the book Communiquer avec les animaux [Communicate with animals] (13,549 sold; published by Vega)

Sylvie Alliaume

After a career as a secretary, Sylvie Alliaume now dedicates her life to animal communication. Reconnecting with her intuitive abilities and discovering energetic care has been a major breakthrough that shook up her rational convictions. After several years of practice, she has decided to share her experience and make her knowledge accessible. Sylvie now takes part in professional fairs and hosts discussion panels, where she invites others to reconnect with the spiritual dimension of animals and open up their consciousness in order to give animals their rightful place in our world.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger