Anatomy in Action



Sports and Martial Arts

Theodore Dimon Jr.

North Atlantic

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Trade Paperback
Page Count: 336
Trim Size: 7 x 10


The Dynamic Muscular Systems that Create and Sustain the Moving Body

A practical and informative guidebook illustrating the core design principles behind the body’s musculoskeletal system.

When we suffer from musculoskeletal difficulties, most of us assume there is something wrong with our posture and balance. We then seek out the assistance of a healing professional who might treat us with massage, medication, or new stretching exercises. But why are children and even some well-coordinated adults far less prone to injury? How is it that their muscles do not require the same degree of massaging, strengthening, or stretching as others? The reason, says Theodore Dimon in Anatomy in Action, is that our muscles, bones, and connective tissue form a dynamic, highly organized system of support. Understanding this system is the key for developing and maintaining healthy musculoskeletal functioning, as well as avoiding injury. This practical and informative guidebook describes the basic principles governing our body’s musculoskeletal architecture, including the specific anatomical systems–such as the shoulders, spinal extensors, and hips–that make up its complex design. Anatomy in Action provides readers with a precise view into the beautiful and remarkable apparatus operating beneath our skin. With over 200 illustrations as well as practical exercises for activating specific muscle groups, this is a valuable handbook demonstrating the musculoskeletal marvel in action. It is also the ideal resource for students and practitioners of body work, movement, kinesiology, and dance.

A user-friendly guidebook with over 200 beautifully detailed illustrations that anatomically outline the body’s complex systems. Detailed here are the body’s core muscles and their relationships to the skeletal system, including the extensors, flexors, spiral muscles of the trunk, muscles of the limbs, and both breathing and voice apparatus.
Written in a down-to-earth style, free of technical or medical jargon, and including practical exercises for identifying specific muscle groups, the book is the ideal text for students and practitioners of body work, movement, kinesiology, and dance.


Theodore Dimon Jr.

Dr. Theodore Dimon, Jr. is the founder and director of the Dimon Institute, which teaches a holistic model of mind-body integration. A widely recognized expert in the Alexander Technique, Dr. Dimon has spent the past 35 years developing an innovative theory of education that focuses on mastery of mind and body as the foundation for all learning. His previous books include The Undivided Self, Anatomy of the Moving Body, The Elements of Skill, The Body in Motion, and Your Body, Your Voice. He resides and works in New York City.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger