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David Adam Kanner

Le Courrier du Livre

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344 pages
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A path of healing for mother and child

An essential book to break the silence around the C-section and to allow an understanding, an acceptance and a healing of the physical, emotional, energetic and relational and healing of the physical, emotional, energetic and relational wound.

An original and necessary book about a surgical act that concerns one in five births in France, and which is often suffered in silence by the woman. The author, an osteopath specialised in the global treatment of scars, proposes to help women to get out of this silence with real soft therapeutic proposals to heal the woman and the mother, and to repair the mother-child link.

Whether it is an emergency C-section, a scheduled one or a desired one, there is always a feeling of “something missing” and a physical wound. There is always a feeling of ‘something missing’ and a physical wound that has profound repercussions. This book proposes to take care of it and gives the tracks to begin the work of reunion and reconciliation with oneself.

What is a C-section? What are its consequences on the physical, emotional, energetic and relational levels? and relational levels? What meaning can be given to it? What wounds does this scar sometimes hide? The author explains in detail what a C-section is on a physiological level, and then proposes to discover the innovative technique of global harmonisation of scars which allows a holistic treatment of the consequences of the consequences of a C-section and leads to a real “energetic birth” and a re-empowerment of the body.

Numerous stories and testimonies from women support the book, which is illustrated by the illustrator Esther Loubradou. The thirty comic strips that come with the book can be read as a summary of the book. can be read as a summary of the book.

David Adam Kanner

David Adam Kanner is a D.O. osteopath, trainer and lecturer. His personal journey and that of a therapist lead him to a global vision in which the physical, the energetic and the psycho-emotional are part of a single reality. He has been working specifically on scars and developing an original approach to obstetric scars from C-sections and episiotomies for over fifteen years.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger