Steven R. Vedro

Steven R. Vedro, MA, AEH, is a writer, lecturer, and nationally recognized telecommunications consultant who has been at the interface of new telecommunications technology and public service for the last twenty years. In the 1980’s he produced the nation’s first television series on new consumer electronics for PBS, “The New Tech Times,” which aired on over 200 TV stations. He also developed the nation’s first statewide teletext service and directed the Telecommunications Division’s Communications Development Lab.

More recently Vedro has advised numerous state and county government agencies, universities, and public broadcasting stations (PBS and CPB) in planning and managing distance learning networks and new technology initiatives.

He has presented at the Media Ecology Association in New York, the International Conference on Science and Consciousness in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the Institute of Noetic Sciences’ Media and Consciousness Conference in Santa Barbara, CA. Several of his technology-based articles have been featured in publications such as Current Newspaper of Public Telecommunications and the Continuing Education Review.

In fall 2007 Quest Books will release Digital Dharma, in which Vedro’ expounds his belief that the technologies of the Infosphere—a field that engulfs our physical, mental, and etheric bodies—both reflect and impact our personal psychic health, and that of our global nervous system. Vedro says these technologies are the planet’s “cultural chakras,” reflecting the same core lessons of personal and planetary consciousness transformation taught by all of the world’s spiritual traditions. This book uses the language of consciousness to explore our personal and cultural responses to these reflections in the Infosphere.

Vedro’s spiritual and personal transformation work includes 30 years of meditation practice. He is a graduate of the Hoffman Process and of the Inner Focus School of Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing and leads an energy healing practice in Madison, WI. Vedro is a declared Elder in the Mankind Project and assists at New Warrior Training Adventure weekends. Articles based on his spiritual practice have appeared in The Beacon (London), Edge News (Minneapolis), and Technos,(Bloomington, IN).

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