Sankara Saranam

Sankara Saranam, founder of The Pranayama Institute, is a philosopher, ascetic, and tireless proponent of pranayama. He founded the Institute along his ideal of making pranayama techniques available worldwide at no cost to students.

Sankara Saranam traveled extensively in Israel and India, writing the book Yoga and Judaism (Astrologue, 1997), showing that the Hebrew Prophets were practitioners of sense-introversion and asceticism. He is also the author of the highly acclaimed God Without Religion: Questioning Centuries of Accepted Truths (Pranayama Institute, 2005), which shares a far-reaching vision of human potential.

Sankara Saranam graduated from Columbia University magna cum laude, writing his thesis (Pranayama in Theory and Practice) as a student of religion. He has a master’s degree in Eastern texts and Sanskrit from St. John’s College.

Sankara Saranam is also a poet, composer, and classical guitar player. He lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northern Georgia with his wife and son.

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