Rashani Réa

“Rashani’s non-sectarian offerings are rooted in nature, the direct approach, ancient perennial wisdom traditions and several contemporary psycho-spiritual teachings. Her way is seasoned with the wisdom, warmth and compassion of one who, “coerced by grace” at a young age, has traversed the pathless journey since the age of twelve.

She invites people to befriend the unwanted circumstances and unpredictable conditions of life, to discover That which is beyond brokenness and conditioning; to relish the simple miracles in the most ordinary and unexpected places… She shows others how to make nectar out of poison; how to find the gold within what has previously been perceived as pain.

Through a natural blend of genuine curiosity, transparent communication and sustained inquiry, she offers a rare combination of meta-skills honed from several decades of experience. Rashani demystifies the art of alchemy by encouraging others to directly experience their own alchemical transformation. With unconditioned Presence, she reminds us how to dissolve the veils/deconstruct the stories that often hide the intrinsic wholeness, radiance and boundless compassion abiding in all beings. Through example she joyously reminds us how to undo the knots of suffering so that every moment becomes an opportunity for awakening.”

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Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger