Pamela Wiseman

Pamela Wiseman has served as Executive Director of the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NMCADV) since 2009 where she oversees a statewide response to domestic violence. She developed a major, well recognized and first of its kind national conference on how to effectively message about violence and abuse. The conference, Message Matters, attracts participants from throughout North America.

Ms. Wiseman also initiated a legislatively created task force with national participation and impact designed to study the effectiveness of batterer intervention programs in the U.S. She serves on a national steering committee charged with charting the future of batterer intervention in the U.S. and leads the effort to develop a 10-year direction for domestic violence efforts in New Mexico.

She is the 2015 recipient of the Animal Protection New Mexico prestigious Milagro award for her significant contribution to the welfare on animals in that state. She also developed and secured significant funding for a statewide project designed to provide services to children.

From 1989 until assuming the position of Director at the NMCADV, she served as the Executive Director of Safe Passage, an Illinois domestic violence and sexual assault agency. There, she led efforts to develop a statewide position on improving court response. She developed the concept and is the principal author of the paper entitled Achieving Accountability in Domestic Violence Cases: A practical guide for reducing domestic violence (2005). She also conceptualized and developed successful court watch projects throughout Illinois.

She is the author of a best selling book on men who batter, Ditch That Jerk (2000) and she and her work have been featured in local and national publications such as BBW, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and the Domestic Violence Report. She has appeared on local, regional and national radio and television. She also served as a commentator on women’s issues for Northern Illinois Public Radio. She is a much sought after speaker on a variety of topics related to abuse, violence and the use of power. She also trains and consults on organizational culture and dynamics, helping programs to increase their awareness of and effective response to organizational problems.

She holds a bachelors degree in psychology from the University of Michigan and a masters in communication from Northern Illinois University. She is currently completing graduate courses in organizational psychology and conflict management. She is a certified dog trainer and provides a home for two wonderful canines.

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