Maryann Karinch

Maryann Karinch has written numerous books on human behavior and health, including eight with Gregory Hartley that feature insights into reading and using body language. She uses this expertise in coaching business executives, law enforcement personnel, and other professionals in detecting deceit, defusing tense situations, and negotiating with both friendly and hostile sources.

Formerly an avid competitor in endurance and outdoor sports, Maryann began her serious study of human behavior when she was a member of one of the few teams to complete the inaugural Eco-Challenge in southern Utah. In recognition of her work as a dedicated explorer of the psyche and mind-body interaction, The Explorers Club took an unusual step and elected her to membership in 2010.

In 2004, Maryann founded The Rudy Agency, which represents the full range of fiction and non-fiction.

Maryann holds an MA in speech and drama from the Catholic University of America, is a member of The Authors Guild, and maintains a certification in personal training with the American Council on Exercise.

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