Jennifer Licate

Jennifer is an award-winning children’s book author who has been working as a school counselor for over a decade. She loves writing social and emotional books to help children and preteens through challenging times. Jennifer’s books teach children strategies to work through their issue and the stories give children the comfort of knowing they’re not alone in their struggles. Her books focus on topics from friendship issues to anxiety and are geared toward children in upper elementary and middle school (ages 9 through 13) in an quick-read chapter format.

Jennifer has seen the benefits of social emotional learning books firsthand, as a school counselor. Children lose themselves as they’re immersed within the stories. They’re able to understand complex issues from so many different perspectives by seeing the story through the eyes of the characters.

Counseling children, as well as raising two children of her own has taught her a universal truth: all children want to be loved, valued and respected for the unique individuals they are. She channels this truth, the importance of providing support for children as they navigate social and emotional issues and her love for creativity into all her children’s books. Her goal is that all children who read one of her books will feel like the stories are speaking directly to them.

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Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger