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Mark Bogner


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224 pages
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His name is Mark Bogner. His profession: farmer. Bogner is not a farmer by tradition, but out of passion. He and his family work a tiny piece of land with diverse crops, using organic methods. And they are successful with it! Bogner is a person who doesn’t want to bow down to the »lack of alternatives«. He has ta- ken a critical standing against the mantra of the agricultural lobby for a long time. According to this lobby, the only farmers who are able to survive are those with 15 000 chickens in the barn or those who drown their crops in glypho- sate. Six years ago, Bogner followed through with his philosophy of permaculture – and low and behold: It worked! Everything he grows, he consumes with his family or sells it directly from the farm.
Everyone who wants to know how to take their life into their own hands, or learn how good it feels to work with nature, finds inspiration and hope in Mark Bogners book. Where others lose themselves in theory, this self-reliant farmer demonstrates through the power of simply- just-doing that another type of agriculture is possible. He does this day after day, time and time again.

Mark Bogner

MARK BOGNER is familiar with conventional agriculture. As an employee, he was part of the agricultural industry. In agricultural schools he was confronted with its philosophy of »grow or yield!«. He didn’t learn anything about making good food there though he’s learning about that by himself as a tenant on his small farm: Together with his family he produces a large variety of organic goods.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger