Dielus edition is an independent book publisher in Leipzig, founded by Lu Schmich in the early 2010s. Although the publishing house also publishes fiction titles, the focus is on advice literature. The genre is mainly “Body, Mind & Soul”.

The publishing house was able to quickly establish itself in the book industry, and Lu Schmich’s own experience as a successful book author certainly contributed a lot to this. As a result, the titles of dielus edition are listed in all bar ranges and are available nationwide in all bookshops as well as online shops in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In addition, a down-to-earth company philosophy is pursued, which reads:

No holdings by international investor groups. Dielus edition will continue to grow organically.
The contents of the books follow exclusively professional, independent and author-oriented guidelines.
Dielus edition condemns any form of publishing that demands subsidies or financial contributions from authors. As a result, authors do not have to invest themselves.
Once the publisher has decided to publish a submitted manuscript, the aim is also to make this book successful. In this way, dielus edition rejects the widespread publishing philosophy of mass production or mixed calculation (“We’ll take anything that comes along – some author will make it on their own.”).
All books are always edited and proofread before publication. Dielus edition therefore does not follow the current trend in the industry to forego this for cost reasons.
The book typesetting is not produced in the Far East, but in the German-speaking world. No standard layout is used, but rather an individual and contemporary design.

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Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger