Edition de l'Isatis

Isatis publishes albums, graphic novels and biographies on committed, philosophical and poetic subjects.

In the course of its existence, our small publishing house has evolved a lot. Our collections now turn towards poetry for the little ones with Clin d’oeil, philosophy and children’s questions with Tourne-Pierre and historical biographies with Bonjour l’Histoire. As the world we live in is more and more complex, we created Griff to explore more difficult paths. Far from wanting to judge or give lessons, the subjects covered are delicate and we can’t ignore them. Finally, our collection of Point Doc documentaries opens up new paths of learning and discovery for young readers by offering them instructive and entertaining albums.

All the Tourne-Pierre albums and most of the Bonjour l’Histoire biographies are accompanied by an activity sheet, which can be downloaded free of charge in PDF format on the page of each of the books concerned.

Since its beginnings, Isatis is an eco-responsible company and prints all its books in Canada, without exception.

Isatis works hard to offer quality poetic albums to introduce children to this form of writing. Thanks to their skilful way of combining a real recognizable by children and a rhythmic form, adhesion is easy.

Marie Fradette, Le Devoir

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Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger