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Welcome to Barlow Books. We’re a new kind of hybrid publisher for a revolutionary time in the book business. We offer you the quality you’d expect from a traditional publisher, without the barriers that have prevented many great ideas from turning into books that sell in stores.

Barlow is a hybrid publisher. We offer many of the same services that a traditional publisher does. Say you have an important story to tell that comes from your professional or personal life experience, or an idea to share with your community or the world.

Our editors and writers, who all have deep experience in traditional publishing, will help you write a compelling book that your audience wants and needs to read. Our experts will help you find your target audience and make sure they know about your book and can buy it. We will get your book onto the shelves of stores, where a significant number of books are still bought.

We part ways from traditional publishing in one significant respect: Our authors pay up front for services, and in return they get 100% of the revenues from the sale of books. This means that authors enjoy the advantages of expert advice every step of the way, from mind to market, while retaining full control of the project.

At Barlow Books, we take a personal approach to every book, helping you achieve your mission and spread your words to the people who matter to you.

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Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger