Marija Schwarz

I am inviting you into a world full of Love and Light. The Art is created to touch your soul and open your heart. The images are reminder of your own inner Beauty and Love.

Every painting was made in deep silence and contemplation.

Often I have visions and clear messages about a work, that is going to be painted. The energy enters my whole being and I feel a vibrating, vivid force filling every cell of my body. These intense and blissfull energies are flowing into the work. The painting eminates a subtle energy, which can be a healing and heart opening experience for the observer.

The Intention of my work is to bring Joy and Love and to remind of a forgotten world of Divine Bliss, Innocence, Peace and Freedom.

The Paradise is here, we only have to reveal it.

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Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger