Janet Chui

Janet was born in Singapore, and since childhood, she found refuge and expression in drawing things both real and imagined. Despite a lack of encouragement around her, her tastes took a strong turn for the fantastic during her teens, leading her to literally hide her artwork and manuscripts in the closet. After graduating in 2000 with a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Kentucky, she attended the 2002 Clarion Science-Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Workshop. (Some stories were dug out from their hiding places for her application.) In 2009, she became a Best Artist finalist for the World Fantasy Award.

Janet’s experiences include working in bookstores, as an editor (at a translation company and her own small press), in online publishing (at a niche dot com in the US “adult entertainment” industry), and as a history guide in Singapore. Since becoming a mum, Janet has been more inclined to embrace her unusual creative gifts. She enjoys painting, writing, speaking, teaching, and weird conversations.

After a few years of Buddhist meditation, Janet found herself literally awakened by a visitation in 2011, and hasn’t emerged from the rabbit hole since. Her interests include art, history, environmentalism, socio-economics, politics, and metaphysics.

Janet lives in Singapore with her father and a rambunctious daughter who likes helping.

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