Jan Brücklmeier

One grandmother, known as Bieroma, was a freelance beer publisher, the other grandmother a former landlady, the course was set early on. Born in Munich and raised in the Westend between the Oktoberfest and the Augustiner Brewery, in the immediate vicinity of three other breweries, my earliest memories revolve around the smell of a brewery.

At the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, I had a beer kit from ACME that gave me a taste of what was to come. Trotzdem folgte erst ein kleiner Ausflug ins Schreinerhandwerk, der mit einem Gesellenbrief endete, bevor ich in den altehrwürdigen Hallen Weihenstephans Brauwesen und Getränketechnologie studierte. Nach dem Studium verschlug mich dann meine Arbeit im Anlagenbau für die Getränkeindustrie in verschiedene Ländern, in denen ich auch die unterschiedlichsten Bierkulturen kennenlernen durfte.

In 2008, I changed “sides” and since then I have been involved in the application of modern filling technology and process engineering for food and beverages. This change also meant that I moved to Switzerland with my wife and children and moved to the USA for the second time. In the US, I was able to discover the wonderful world of craft beer on the one hand, but also experience an extremely lively and open amateur brewing scene.

2014, during a three-year “Intermezzo” in Germany, I started with an old teenage friend, Bernhard Storm, and my university friend Philipp Fraundörfer who owns the private brewery Schnitzlbaumer in Traunstein, the Headless Brewing Company, with which we 2016 by RateBeer were recognised as the “best new brewer” in Bavaria. With our IPA “Indian Clipper”, we were able to win the “Worldbeer Award” in 2017 as the best IPA in Germany.

In 2018, after two busy years, I published the book “Brewing Beer” at Ulmer Verlag.

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Agence Schweiger