Gilles Tibo

Gilles Tibo was born on the south bank in Nicolet. He now lives in Montreal with his family.

This author is not only an author but also an illustrator.
for 20 years (albums whose name is Simon).
His passion for writing comes from when he was little and when he was
he read TinTin and Asterix. At that time, he didn’t know that he had a talent as an illustrator. It was in a class, which was boring, that at the age of 15 he discovered his talent. During this class, he drew a mini comic strip that he made the whole class read and he was told that he had an invaluable talent!

Gilles Tibo was hired in 1970 as a freelance illustrator and made flyers, record covers and advertisements. In those same years, he illustrated almost all of Quebec’s comic strips.

From 1976 to 1979, he became artistic director of “Le Tamanoir” publishing. In 1987, he created the character of Annabel Lee, an illustrated version of Edgar Allen Poe’s poem that earned him international recognition as an illustrator.

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